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Holy Land Franciscan Pilgrimages in Office of the Custody of the Holy Land

The Holy Land Franciscans have been in the Holy Land for nearly 800 years. That’s a lot of experience!

It is the express duty of the Holy Land Franciscans to maintain Christian presence, care and service of the Holy Land. By traveling with the Holy Land Franciscans, you are ensuring that your pilgrimage will benefit the Christians who are living in the Holy Land.

Since the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land was established in the late 1800s, the Holy Land Franciscans have been encouraging and leading Pilgrimages to the Holy Land. That means our office has over 100 years of experience leading Pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

For the Franciscans of the Holy Land, the Holy Land is our home. We have been there for nearly 800 years, caring for the shrines, serving the pilgrims and ministering to the local Christian community. When pilgrims travel with us, we are ready to welcome them to our home.

We know the places to be: the hotels you want to be in, the holy sites you want to visit, and all with Franciscan access to the shrines, many of which are under the sole responsibility of the Holy Land Franciscans.

We celebrate Mass every day. If you’re a Priest, we love to have you!

Father David Wathen, OFM, accompanies most of the pilgrimages operated by the Franciscan Monastery Pilgrimage Office. As a certified Franciscan guide and as someone who actually lived in the Holy Land, you can be assured that it will be a genuine pilgrimage experience.

We can customize your pilgrimage to fit your needs. Do you have a group who would like to travel to the Holy Land, but you’re unsure how to set up a well executed trip? Or maybe you want to bring a group, but you are daunted by the huge undertaking that comes with planning a group trip, not to mention the hassle of International travel. Well, not to worry! Once you choose the Holy Land Franciscans as your tour guides, we ensure that it’s smooth sailing. You can sit back and enjoy the trip with the rest of your group with no need to worry about schedules, meals, Mass or Transportation.