Airport Travel

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How to Pack

Airport security screening procedures are stringent, so be aware of the following:

Pack efficiently, placing smaller items together in a pouch or bag. Put personal hygiene items in clear plastic bags in case security officers need to handle them.

  • Pack your shoes last so they are easily accessible for inspection.
  • Do not pack food in your checked luggage. Something as innocent as chocolate or cheese can look like explosives when viewed on an airport scanner.
  • Make sure that each suitcase has a name tag securely affixed to it.
  • You will need a current passport to be able to check in.
  • The FAA allows checked baggage to be locked with approved locks (found at travel stores). If you have locks that are not approved, you run the risk of the locks being broken when your baggage is inspected.
  • If you are using an E-ticket for your connecting flight, bring E-ticket confirmation forms to the airport.

Airport Etiquette

Passengers are encouraged to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before scheduled departure for domestic flights, and at least 2.5 hours before international flights.

  • Leave no vehicle or baggage unattended.
  • E-ticket and paper ticket customers with luggage to check may proceed to the ticket counter. Hold onto your baggage receipts (keep them with your ticket) for verification at your destination. Curbside checking is available at many airports.
    • Check your luggage all the way through to the final destination airport listed on your ticket.


Access beyond security is restricted to passengers and employees only.

  • Have ticket paperwork available, along with your passport. Prepare to empty pockets of coins, metals, etc.
  • Expect increased passenger and baggage security screening. Wand checks and full-body hand searches can be expected, and people are often asked to remove their shoes so they can be put through the scanner.

Lost Luggage

Go to the designated counter in the baggage area and complete the necessary forms. You will need the address and phone number of the pilgrim hotel where you are staying so late bags can be delivered (this information is available on the inside front page of your Pilgrim’s Itinerary Booklet that you will receive in the Final Correspondence packet).