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Join the Circle of St. Francis

You can help the Monastery remain a vibrant and visible signpost of faith, hope and peace in a challenging world.

For 800 years, the Franciscan friars have been a peaceful presence in the Holy Land, preserving Christianity and caring for the holy Christian shrines and the people.

Persecution and a declining Christian population in the Middle East make their work increasingly important. The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America supports this mission.

Our church, replicas of Holy Land shrines and gardens provide an “oasis of peace” in Washington, DC. Visitors experience the physical and spiritual journey they seek close to home while helping Christianity remain and thrive in the land of Christ.

Membership Benefits

• Enrollment in the friars’ daily perpetual prayers and Masses.
• VIP tour of the Monastery’s chapels and shrines.
• Invitation to a Mass for Circle of St. Francis members.
• Recognition at the Monastery’s annual benefit dinner.
• Exclusive Circle of St. Francis pin.
• Circle of St. Francis membership card.

How to Join

People who contribute $1,000 or more annually to the Franciscan Monastery become a member of the Circle of St. Francis.

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