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Good Friday – March 29, 2024

Providing Care to Christians in the Holy Land


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Every year on Good Friday, a collection is taken up in Catholic Churches to support the work of the Franciscans working in the Holy Land. Christians there rely heavily on the help that comes to them from this worldwide collection.

The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America is part of a world-wide network of Commissariats of the Holy Land which function as bridges between the Holy Land and Christians all over the world. The Franciscan Monastery in Washington, D.C., coordinates this vital support for the work of the Franciscans who work in the Holy Land.

The Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land have the unique responsibility to care for the Holy Places as well for the “Living Stones,” the Christians living there. It is vital that we support Christians living in the Holy Land, in order to maintain a Christian presence in the very land made holy by the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus.

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The Pontifical Good Friday Collection is applied to these programs:

Faith, Memory & Culture – The Holy Places
Holy Land Franciscans and staff maintain the holy places and shrines. This enables those who live in the Holy Land and those who visit to deepen their faith and their spiritual and cultural connection to salvation history.

Social & Charitable Activities
In order to assist Christians to remain in the Holy Land, including the poor and young couples, the Custody builds thousands of residential units. Additionally, they build senior care facilities. Medical assistance is provided for the needy.

Educational & Scientific Activities
The Franciscans operate and support schools open to all, regardless of religion or nationality. They provide scholarships for young men to answer the call to become Franciscan priests and brothers. Additionally, Franciscan archaeologists pursue ongoing research at the Holy Places.

Pastoral Activities
The Franciscans provide pastoral care in 29 parishes in the Holy Land offering worship, Christian formation, and necessary youth and family programs, especially in regions affected by war.

Liturgical, Ecumenical and Communications Programs
The Christian Media Center tells the story of the Holy Land through multimedia distributed throughout the world in more than seven languages. The friars organize liturgical celebrations for local Christians and pilgrims and share with other Christian communities in the Holy Land in ongoing ecumenical cooperation.

We Holy Land Franciscans are counting on your financial help to assist us in providing presence, care and service.

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