Keeping Hope Alive: Good Friday Collection

//Keeping Hope Alive: Good Friday Collection

Keeping Hope Alive: Good Friday Collection

On behalf of Pope Francis, Catholics throughout the world are being asked to keep hope alive for Christians in the Holy Land this Good Friday by contributing to the Pontifical Good Friday Collection.

The collection, held in every Catholic parish worldwide, provides critical support for the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land and its ministries, and helps support Christians who have remained in the region since the time of Jesus Christ at great cost.

In a March 1, 2017 letter, Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, prefect for the Congregation for the Oriental Churches, notes that “Living the Christian faith in the Middle East is not at all easy.”

He continues: “Especially in Iraq, Syria and Egypt, where Christian communities have experienced an ‘ecumenism of blood,’ individuals are daily pressured to abandon their land, or even their faith. Nor does freedom reign in the other countries of the region, where Christians are often subjected to forms of oppression and discrimination that undermine their living conditions.

“Keeping hope alive in such circumstances is both difficult and vitally important. Consequently, the small Christian presence in the Middle East has great need of the support and attention of the entire Church.”

“Once again, from every part of the Church, expressions of solidarity come together effectively in the Good Friday Collection.”

Read the complete letter here.

Learn more and please donate generously in your parish this Good Friday or online here.

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