We are America’s connection to the Holy Land.

And we are the voice in America of Franciscans in the Holy Land — helping our visitors and pilgrims connect to the roots of their faith.

Our Monastery is your Monastery. Your prayers and generosity make our holy mission possible!

It’s with this holy mission in mind that we’ve already begun to plan our many activities and programs for the coming year. And the sooner we know whether or not you’ll renew your Membership support, the sooner we’ll have an idea of what programs we can undertake and set our priorities.

Please support us in 2019! Your gift will help us plan how best to fulfill our mission.

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With your support, we bring the Holy Land to life in the U.S. with our sacred relics and replicas of the holy shrines in the land where Our Lord became flesh and dwelt among us… where He ministered, suffered, died, was buried, and rose in fulfillment of the Scriptures.


With your support, we’re on the front line as bearers of hope here in the U.S. to make people aware of the struggles Christians are facing in the Holy Land — inspiring devotion to the safeguarding of Christian communities.

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With your support, we’re also teaching the many thousands of Americans who visit our Monastery in Washington, D.C., every year about the spiritual and historical significance of the Holy Land.