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Students and Educators

School Groups

We offer Student Lenten Pilgrimages to elementary and high school students. During the visit, students and teachers tour the church and catacombs in addition to praying the Stations of the Cross. Weather permitting, Stations are prayed in the Lower Gardens at the outdoor Stations with the group leader conducting the service. While here, students are also encouraged to take advantage of confessions held on the hour all day (except at lunch time) in the Main Church. Please call 202-526-6800 or email tours@myfranciscan.com to enroll. Prior arrangements are required.

Teaching Resources

We have created teaching resources that will enhance students’ experiences while visiting the Monastery. These resources can be used as a way for teachers to prepare students prior to their visit, to keep them engaged during the tour, and to lead the students in a post-discussion following their visit. These tools are aimed at encouraging lively and meaningful dialogue that will extend beyond their time at the Monastery. Please click here for Suggested Discussion Questions.

Video & Lesson Plans

The Holy Land holds a special place in the hearts of all Christians. Learn more about the people and places in the Holy Land. Watch the Hope and Healing in the Holy Land video and download the lesson plans absolutely FREE!

Hope and Healing in the Holy Land is a 27 – minute video that focuses on the work of the Franciscans in the Holy Land, which is supported by the Good Friday Collection. The FREE lesson plans segments the video into four chapters, which is ideal for any teacher or catechist to use in one class session or as a part of a series.

The video gives an overview of the complex religious situation in the Holy Land and focuses on the small and fragile Christian population living there. Perfect for Bible study, religious education formation or parish events, as well as classrooms.