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For 800 years ago, since before St. Francis of Assisi traveled to the Holy Land with a message of peace, the Franciscan friars have cared for the people and sacred shrines associated with the life of Christ. The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America is the U.S. home for their mission and support of Christians in the Holy Land.


Your donation supports the mission of the Franciscan friars and our historical Monastery church and shrines in busy Washington, DC. But your financial support does so much more. It provides assistance to Christians in the Holy Land and the friars who minister there. You stand with Pope Francis and his brave declaration that “We won’t resign ourselves to a Middle East without Christians.”

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Spiritual Intentions

The Franciscan Monastery is a place where we connect our prayers with those of Christians in the Holy Land. Join spiritually in this mission through Mass intentions celebrated by the friars at one of the shrines in the Holy Land, by having a candle lit in the Monastery, enrolling a loved one in Perpetual Enrollment, or by making a donation in thanksgiving for prayers answered by St. Anthony (St. Anthony’s Bread). Let us pray for you.

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Have questions or prefer to make your donation over the phone? Contact Margherita Ligorio at (202) 526-6800, ext. 895 or