Donating Stocks and Mutual Funds2022-08-05T12:09:27-04:00

Making a gift of appreciated securities—stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds that have appreciated over time—is easy and is one of the most tax-efficient ways to give to a charity.

Appreciated securities with unrealized gains (purchased over a year ago and have a current value greater than their original cost) may be donated to the Franciscan Monastery, and a tax deduction may be taken for the full fair market value of the securities, generally up to 30% of your adjusted gross income. Because the securities are donated rather than sold, capital gains taxes from selling the securities do not apply. The more appreciation the securities have, the greater your tax savings will be.

How to Transfer Stocks Electronically

To make a donation of stock to the Franciscan Monastery, click here to download our Stock Transfer Form and mail, email or fax it to the Monastery. Provide your broker with the following information:

Brokerage House: Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company
Account Name: Franciscan Monastery USA, Inc – Mutual Funds
Account Number: 1046523
Account Administrator: Elizabeth Baker
Telephone Number: 410-545-2765
DTC Number: 990

Your stock donations will help ensure the Franciscan Friars can fulfill their 800-year mission in the Holy Land to preserve Christianity for Christians living in the Holy Land and around the globe. It’s always a good idea to consult with your tax advisor before making a charitable donation to a charity.

Lillian Pinto de Sá, 202-526-6800 x363, is available to help you.